Richness of Life to run for election to European Parliament


The ERE will announce its candidate list early next month. Currently, Artur Talvik, Mihkel Kangur and Lauri Tõnspoeg have already agreed to run.

“There is a deposit in the European Parliament elections as well, and this time it is €2,700 per candidate, and so whether or not we will go into the elections with a full or partial list will be determined, again, by money,” said Mr Tõnspoeg, a member of the ERE board.

He added that as their party includes no professional politicians, then none of them would really jump for joy over being “banished” to Brussels for years.

“Unfortunately, however, decisions that are crucial to Estonia’s future are made there, and we have to influence them in a direction favourable to us,” Mr Tõnspoeg continued. “This year’s elections will be decisive of whether the EU will continue as a union of sovereign states or whether it will start moving toward becoming a federal state, indications of which can already be seen. This is where Estonians have to be very clever about how they do things in order to defend its authority and freedom.”

Falling under the 5% election threshold, the ERE failed to earn any seats in the XIV Riigikogu.

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